Class Schedule

AH145: Clinical Procedures I

AH145: Clinical Procedures I - 4 Hours

Prerequisites: AH110, AH120; or HI105; Physical

The student will learn the theory and basic techniques utilized in a physician's office and other healthcare facilities. Emphasis is placed on the theory, performance of competencies, and role play. Communication techniques are employed in assisting with general patient examinations including vital signs, positioning and draping, obtaining chief complaint, subjective and objective symptoms, and preparing the patient for physical exam. Specialty procedures for respiration and vision are performed. Nutritional counseling and wellness teaching are included. Course fees may apply.

Sections Offered

2016 Fall Term (August 15th, 2016–November 6th, 2016)
Course Section Instructor Location Time
AH145: Clinical Procedures I D Piscaglia, Gail 202C Th 12:30pm–4:00pm

Number of classes: 1