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GEO142: Environmental Issues (Lab)

GEO142: Environmental Issues (Lab) - 6 Hours

IAI Code: L1 905

Environmental Issues is a course designed to study various ecosystems of the earth and the effects of humans on them. This course will include an introduction of the scientific method to help evaluate, interpret, and critique writings on environmental issues. Discussions will include environmental changes, their causes and effects, as well as preventative and remedial measures that may be utilized to allow humans to live harmoniously with their ecosystem. Course fees may apply.

Sections Offered

2016 Summer Term (May 16th, 2016–August 7th, 2016)
Course Section Instructor Location Time
GEO142: Environmental Issues (Lab) D Paredes, Alan 503 Tu,Th 12:30pm–2:15pm;
Th 2:15pm–4:00pm

Number of classes: 1