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LEG213: Law Office Management and Technology

LEG213: Law Office Management and Technology - 4 Hours

Prerequisites: LEG100, LEG117

This course focuses on the organization and management of a law office, ethical guidelines affecting the legal field, general hardware, software, and web-based technology utilized in the law office/legal arena. An emphasis will be placed on the organizational and personnel structure, management of a law office, ethics, law office fiscal/accounting processes involving fees, timekeeping and billing procedures, the use of Microsoft Office software for specific law office applications, the use of specialized law office software utilized in document assembly, timekeeping, docket control, litigation support, and trial presentation, and the use of web-based resources used in the legal process.

Sections Offered

2016 Summer Term (May 16th, 2016–August 7th, 2016)
Course Section Instructor Location Time
LEG213: Law Office Management EC Miller, Ashley M. Joule eLearning with an On-campus Component

Number of classes: 1