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LSJ338 Section E - 2014 Spring Term

LSJ338: Juvenile Justice System - 4 Hours

Prerequisite: LSJ110

This course offers socio-economic analysis on the history of the juvenile justice system in an effort to understand how the system functions and whom it serves.

Becki J. Tuxhorn

Becki J. Tuxhorn
Title: Adjunct Faculty
Dept: Legal Studies
Office: (not available)
Phone: (309) 692-4092
Fax: (309) 692-3893

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Section: E
Format: eLearning
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LMS: Joule
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2014 Spring Term (February 24th, 2014–May 18th, 2014)
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LSJ338: Juvenile Justice System E Tuxhorn, Becki J. Joule eLearning

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