Class Schedule

AH160 Section N - 2014 Summer Term

AH160: Medical Office Procedures II - 4 Hours

Prerequisite: CIS114

The student will learn about basic financial reporting and management. Students will demonstrate the ability to use basic electronic charting. Students will also use a computer-based billing, appointment scheduling, insurance processing, and income analysis program necessary in the management of a computerized medical office. Course fees may apply.

Anna Schweinberg

Anna Schweinberg
Title: Adjunct Faculty
Dept: Allied Health
Office: (not available)
Phone: (309) 692-4092
Fax: (309) 692-3893

Section Information

Section: N
Format: On-Campus
Time: M 6:00pm–9:30pm
Room: 206
Fee: $70.00
Seats Filled: 4 of 8