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AH250 Section AE - 2017 Winter Term

AH250: Medical Assistant Externship - 4 Hours

Prerequisites: ACC101; AH120; AH125; AH145; AH150; AH155; AH165; AH200; AH205; AH220; AH225; BUS201; BUS245; CIS114; 1 of ENG109, ENG120; ENG111; ENG116; HI105; HI210; HI225; HUM110; KEY109; 1 of PSY140, SOC100; CPR

The Medical Assistant student will perform administrative and clinical procedures, without payment, under the direction of a licensed health care worker in an ambulatory medical facility. This 160-hour experience will provide the student with direct patient contact, the opportunity to gain insight into the role of the MA in a health care team, and the opportunity to become competent and confident in the performance of tasks for which they have been trained. The student will not replace an employee and should not expect to be offered employment at the externship site. Specific arrangements must be made with the department director and/or program coordinator during the quarter preceding the planned externship experience. Externships are done during day hours. Evening and weekend externship hours are rarely available. At the conclusion of this course, the student will take a comprehensive final assessment exam which will constitute part of the externship grade. Some students will be awarded the CCMA credential for a successful score on this test. Students will be assisted with applying for the CMA exam. Course fees may apply.

Amber E. Schappaugh

Amber E. Schappaugh
Title: Director of Allied Health
Dept: Allied Health
Office: 205
Phone: (309) 692-4092 x2050
Fax: (309) 692-3893

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Section: AE
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