Realtime Reporting

Bachelor Degree Available

Judicial Reporting is a highly specialized career that offers many lucrative employment opportunities to the dedicated and diligent student. Judicial Reporters utilize stenograph machines to record verbal communication for transcription into an official document. Judicial Reporting students should possess excellent linguistic ability and exhibit good hand dexterity that allows the student to develop to a transcription speed of 225 words per minute.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Realtime Reporting has been designed to meet the specified base of Judicial Reporting Program minimum standards as set out in the National Court Reporters Association Council on Approved Student Education's General Requirements and Minimum Standards and all requirements set forth in the Captioning and CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) Standards Options for those concentrations in relation to machine shorthand, English, terminology, specified knowledge base, procedures, technology, current events, and internship.

The specific institutional standards related to realtime reporting include instruction in the specified knowledge base for each concentration; writing the spoken word with punctuation by means of an NCRA-approved realtime translation theory system to provide instantaneous realtime translation of specified material; the ability to write prefixes and suffixes, all necessary alphabets, and production of numbers with review and line-by-line edit/analysis of shorthand notes; with special emphasis on dictionary building, maintenance, and management utilizing all available resources for research and preparation. Students are required to choose a concentration in order to focus their studies and skills toward the highly specialized and technical professional and academic objectives. The three concentrations are as follows: Broadcast Captioning, CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) Reporting, and Judicial Reporting.

Students undertaking this challenging and exciting career path should be committed to continual practice and improvement to attain the goals set forth by the academic program and the level of competency required by certification examinations.

Classes are offered day, night, hybrid, and online.

Realtime Reporting, Bachelor of Science