Class Schedule

LEG116: Legal Research I

LEG116: Legal Research I - 4 Hours

Prerequisites: LEG100, LEG117

This course introduces the student to a variety of legal research tools and techniques. An emphasis is placed on legal analysis, proper citation form, and cite checking. The course includes a review of grammar basics, the Association of Legal Writing Directors (ALWD) Citation Manual (A Professional System of Citation), and a series of written assignments ranging from simple case briefs to business letters. The students will be drafting legal documents during class and as outside homework assignments. Course fees may apply.

Sections Offered

2018 Summer Term (May 21st, 2018–August 12th, 2018)
Course Section Instructor Location Time
LEG116: Legal Research I N Miller, Ashley M. 500 W 6:00pm–9:30pm

Number of classes: 1