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RR330: Realtime Applications for CART/Captioning

RR330: Realtime Applications for CART/Captioning - 4 Hours

Prerequisites: RR206, RR310

This course is intended for those currently employed in the judicial reporting field or current students near the end of their speed requirements in a realtime reporting program who wish to develop or improve conflict-free writing methods and hone their realtime skills for endeavors in CART reporting and/or broadcast captioning fields. All students must have their own realtime capable steno machines with realtime cables, laptops, realtime capable computer-aided transcription software, and a base dictionary. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will begin fine-tuning current realtime dictionaries and writing methods using realtime principles specific to CART reporting and broadcast captioning. Special emphasis will be placed on the dividing and writing of word parts, conflict resolution, homophones, numbers, punctuation and dictionary management. The student will have the knowledge of principles needed to become realtime ready for personal use as well as for realtime certification preparation.

Sections Offered

2018 Fall Term (August 20th, 2018–November 11th, 2018)
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RR330: Realtime Applications for CART/Captioning E Dittmeier, Kathryn A. Moodlerooms eLearning

Number of classes: 1