The Admissions Process

The guidelines on this page apply to applicants who are American citizens or nationals. Other applicants should visit the International Students page for more information.

Midstate College welcomes applicants whose academic record, personal ability, and desire to succeed show promise for success. Each candidate for admission is considered individually on merit and potential. Midstate College requires a high school diploma or GED for all degree- or diploma-seeking students. To ensure compliance with state regulations, students must be approved to enroll from any state other than Illinois. Students’ identities are verified through face-to-face interaction, video conferencing, or by the submission of a notarized copy of students’ driver’s license or state-issued identification. Additionally, some programs have requirements that must be met before acceptance into the program. Such requirements are outlined with the program information. Please note these requirements carefully. Counseling is provided by an admissions representative during a personal conference. Applicants are advised to enter programs in accordance with their own intellectual and academic interests.

A complete application includes the following:

All prospective students are required to complete a placement and entrance exam if they have less than an associate degree. Examination scores will be used for admission, placement, and academic counseling. Academic counseling is provided by admissions representatives, program directors, and the Deans. Failure to take the entrance examinations will result in the applicant being denied entrance into the College.

Individuals interested in entering Midstate College are urged to submit their application as soon as possible. Current high school students (with the approval of their secondary school) may submit their records during their junior year, based upon the assumption that their senior year performance will be similar in quality to that of the first three years of secondary school. Midstate College reserves the right to re-evaluate the admissibility of any applicant whose secondary school performance indicates below average achievement.

Applicants are informed of acceptance promptly after the application is received once all requirements have been met. The administration reserves the right to refuse applications for admission or readmission.

Prior to attending classes, the student has the right to cancel enrollment. The request for cancellation must be communicated to an admissions representative before the end of the fifth business day following the application date for a full refund of the application fee. Midstate College also reserves the right to cancel any enrollment. Reasons for cancellation may be obtained from the Admissions Department.

Admissions Department Staff

If you have any questions, please contact one of the admissions staff listed below.

Name Title Phone Number
Randle, Danielle P. Director of Admissions (309) 692-4092 x1090