College Overview

The Midstate Experience

Midstate College is an important part of Peoria, Illinois’ history. Since 1888, Midstate College has provided an important link between the educational pursuits of individuals and their careers. As a comfortable place for students of all ages and backgrounds to pursue education, Midstate College has served the varied needs that this broad population demands. The ease of interaction between faculty, staff and students has made the College responsive in a way that is unmatched by any other institution in Central Illinois.

Up-to-date information is taught through modern methods and technology—both in the classroom and online in virtual classrooms. The faculty and staff are easy to contact whenever needed. Students enjoy conversation and study whether in the library or working on group assignments for online courses. Individual skills and growth are combined with group assignments and team efforts to develop a graduate that can succeed in any employment setting.

Students come from the surrounding metropolitan area, all of Illinois, and other states. There are many transfer students who have completed one to four years of college as well as an increasing number of adults continuing their education. We are proud of our ambitious and talented students. While most are preparing themselves for immediate employment or job advancement, others are continuing their education in newly defined areas. Midstate College graduates have established an excellent record with employers for 131 years.

Midstate College Peoria Campus

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